ProSens is a new line of modern industrial devices, which integrates transmitters, displays, meters and controllers functionalities.
Modern transmitters, meters, controllers.

Thermometer, hygrometer, and barometer - in this sample application all three roles are fulfilled by one device - the ProSens line meter. One of the usage examples is the recording of environmental parameters at a gypsum board factory. The wall-mounted housing makes it possible to be located in any place that is clearly visible to the user, and thanks to its modern appearance - also in representative rooms.

The application uses the model: QM-211-00-0-3-1-00-1-10-3-2 which features the following:

  • built-in temperature and humidity probe,
  • additional universal input (I, U, RTD, TC) - used to receive a current signal from an atmospheric pressure transducer,
  • LCD display - showing current values of measured temperature, humidity, and pressure,
  • RS-485 communication interface - used for communication between the meter and the recorder.


The application takes into account the metering of four rooms (including one office space). The results are constantly recorded by the external MultiCon CMC-99 controller, from which data gets downloaded onto the computer hard drive by means of the DAQ MAnager software. Thanks to the above the user has constant access to both current and past data.


Measurement of environmental parameters