ProSens is a new line of modern industrial devices, which integrates transmitters, displays, meters and controllers functionalities.
Modern transmitters, meters, controllers.

One of the many Prosens line meter’s example applications is using it as a 2-channel level controller. In this particular case, the QM-100 model controls the water level in buffer tanks to power the technological process.

The sample application is based on the model QM-100-00-0-1-1-11-1-10-3-3 which features the following:

  • two universal inputs (I, U, RTD, TC) – receiving 4-20 mA current signal from level sensors,
  • two relay outputs, each of them controlling the feed pump corresponding to its tank,
  • LCD display – showing the current level in tanks,
  • built-in RS-485 interface.

Due to the possibility of scaling the measuring input, the value presented in the display is already expressed in m3 of water in the tank. The switching thresholds of the relay outputs can therefore also depend on the liquid volume, which makes it easier for the operator to select the threshold values.


ProSens as a 2-channel controller