ProSens is a new line of modern industrial devices, which integrates transmitters, displays, meters and controllers functionalities.
Modern transmitters, meters, controllers.


  • infrared transmitter
  • device remote control
  • multifunctional keyboard
  • operation range up to 5m
  • ergonomic industrial housing

The SIR-25 infrared remote control may be used as external programming keyboard for all SIMEX devices equipped with IR receivers and remote programming functions. Pressing of any local IR controller key, causes transmission of it's code to the device. The remote control features a five-button keyboard, including the F/Σ/RESET function button dedicated to the operation of the devices in the following group: counters, flow meters, and tachometers. Functions of particular keys depend on devices features. The SIR-25 remote control replaces the SIR-15 device.

Power supply
3V CR2032 lithium battery
Operation range
from 0,5 to 5 m (depends on programmed device features)
Operating temperature
Case dimensions
43 x 72 x 15,5 mm
Data sheet
Manual EN
Declaration of conformity