ProSens is a new line of modern industrial devices, which integrates transmitters, displays, meters and controllers functionalities.
Modern transmitters, meters, controllers.

ProSens QF-622 - Discontinued product

Discontinued product - ask for a replacement

  • transmitter, display, meter and controller in one package
  • measuring flow of air and other compatible, not combustible gasses
  • air-flow cable or connector probe, Ø12 mm, L=300 mm, stainless steel 316L probe and filter cap
  • 0, 1 or 2 REL outputs (electronic NO)
  • 0 or 1 analogue output, passive or active
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • option: very clear 2.9’’ graphic LCD display, 128 x 64 points, with backlight
  • free configuration software S-Config

The ProSens line model QF-622 is dedicated to HVAC systems, but not only. The thermal air velocity transmitter used in this model, allows measuring flow of air and other compatible, not combustible gasses. Thanks to the wide range of measuring probes, ProSens transmitter can be used in: air-condition systems, flow measurements, fans monitoring, cooling systems, or many similar applications.

Model QF-622 has air flow connector or cable probe, Ø12 mm, L=300 mm, stainless steel 316L probe and filter cap.

A large built-in display and output signals mean that the ProSens line units find applications in control systems. There are many industrial applications, where ProSens can act as stand-alone controller. It can also cooperate with master devices via Modbus protocol, being part of big network, which makes it perfect instrument for distributed monitoring system.

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Type of probe
radial separable, L=300 mm, Ø 12 mm with circular connector, stainless steel 316L probe and filter cap
Probe parameters
air-flow: 0...1 m/s to 0...30 m/s
Output type
electronic relay NO, 24V AC/35V DC, max. 200 mA
0/4...20 mA: active current, operating range 0...24 mA max., load resistance 700 Ω max., resolution 13 bit
4...20 mA: passive current, isolated, operating range 2,8...24 mA max., load resistance 600 Ω@24VDC, resolution 13 bit
0/1...5V, 0/2...10V: active voltage, operating range 0...11V max., load resistance min. 2000 Ω, resolution 13 bit
Power supply
11...36V DC
16...36V DC (0...10V out.)
no display
LCD, 128 x 64 pixels, graphic, with backlight
Communication Interface
RS-485 / Modbus RTU
Transmission parameters
1200...115200 bit/s, 8N1 / 8N2
Operating temperature
-30...+80°C, case with electronics
Protection class
IP 65
IP 67
Case material
Case dimensions
120 x 90 x 50 mm